PopArchitexture 3D Digital + Paper Architectural Modeling

For just $95 USD: you send photos of your building, we'll make a Pure and Simple model and help you to share it on the GeoWeb! > Order Now



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Overview of process Pride and Perservation Model Shop Order Process Collection of models
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Real, Digital, Paper, whatever!

We use photos of real-world architecture to build 3D digital models and 3D paper models.

Pride and Preservation

Pride and Preservation

With PopArchitexture's Google Earth services, you can promote your hometown team or digitally preserve a precious building. With us, any building can be seen by thousands, even internationally!

Model Shop order process

Ordering is simple!

With our Model Shop, just photograph your building, select the type of model you want and you're done! We hop to it and begin modeling your building.

Collection of models

From Sizes 1 to Many

We have built collections of dozens of models. We can model your town's Main Street, university campus, or any other group of architecture. We built the acclaimed Saint Francis University model collection.

Overview of process Pride and Preservation Model Shop order process Collection of models

PopArchitexture was a finalist in Google's Build Your  Campus competition




We make hand crafted digital and paper scale models of architecture.

We make architecture into 3D digital models and into 3D paper models, small enough to fit on your mantle, your desk, or among your model train set. 

The sense of touch is tremendously powerful. Give a paper or digital model (or both!), something truly unique and never-before-seen, to your special someone, your finest clients, or your greatest admirers.

→  Our 3D paper models are artisan-made and are great sellable and showcase items for tourist,  historical, residential, and church establishments, to name a few.  > Order now

→  Our 3D digital models can increase your business' online visibility via Google Earth and search engine rankings and be used to establish or strengthen your presence in the GeoWeb.  > Order now

Get more information on our services, view our gallery of selected works, or order now.

PopArchitexture is Unique:

Talented TeamTalented Team

Our models are designed by award winning GeoWeb modeler Jonathan B. Miller and Mem Miller. 

Google Earth and Google 3D Warehouse to Paper Conversions

The First Google Earth-to-Paper Conversion Service

See a building you like in Google Earth? We'll make it into paper so you can always enjoy it, even while offline!

No Automated Papercraft SoftwareNo Automated Papercraft Software

All paper models and templates are designed by hand to ensure best quality construction rather than using automated 'papercraft design' software.

Geocoded QR CodesFrom 'The Real World' to 'The Web', and Back Again

Every paper model has a geo-encoded QR code built in, so take a pic of it and see where you are taken!

To learn more about the uses and benefits of the GeoWeb, or why you should have a unique paper model custom built for you, contact PopUp@PopArchitexture.com or call 1-814-515-9595.